IEEE 1394 Cable VE81206


Provides your everyday FireWire Cable needs.


The IEEE 1394 cable are designed to use with FireWire devices. Provides cable with wire gauges from 22-24AWG and 28-30AWG shielded. With the gold plated contacts, you would never have to worry about losing connectivity. The high-speed isochronous serial peripheral connection is fast enough to support uncompressed video.


  • Gold plated contacts interface on 2mm centerline
  • Cable conductors 22-24, 28-30 AWG
  • 6 Pos connector: 4 signal, 2 power
  • Power contacts mate before signal contact
  • 1500 cycles minimum durability
  • Positive latching
  • 4.5 meter cable length
  • High performance Universal I/O with Data Rates up to 400 Mbps
  • Supports compressed/uncompressed digital video
  • Support isochronous data transfer
  • Support hot plug capability