Partnumber: HV-22000


The Mini HDMI Male to Mini HDMI Male cable is designed for connecting any HDTV receivers to HD camcorders that used the new mini HDMI connector. It allows uncompressed digital video at up to 1080 video with multi channel audio and controls signals to be transmitted from device to device.
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  • Delivers best high-frequency response for optimal resolution using silver-plated conductors
  • Isolates from outside noise for superior clarity with quad-shielding
  • Maintains stronger signals that yield superior sonic and video accuracy with precision-formulated, polyethylene dielectric material
  • Reduces cross talk and interference using impedance-matched

Available lengths:

Partnumber: HV-22006 - Mini HDMI to Mini HDMI 6ft
Partnumber: HV-22010 - Mini HDMI to Mini HDMI 10ft
Partnumber: HV-22015 - Mini HDMI to Mini HDMI 15ft