firewire cable

FireWire 800 9Pin to 4Pin Cable
partnumber: 84006 - Series


The FireWire 800 Series Cable is the newest design for the FireWire IEEE1394b High Speed cable. This product supports the digital audio and video transfer rate, peer-to-peer device connections, plug-and-play device installation, and hot swap capability. The new FireWire 800 specification is backward-compatible with existing FireWire technology. » Click Here to Buy


  • Transfers data without errors at rate of up to 400Mbps
  • Features plug-and-play installation
  • Allows simultaneous connection of up to 63 devices
  • Offers backward-compatibility with existing FireWire 400 devices

Available lengths:

Partnumber: 84003 - FireWire 800 9P M to 4P M 3ft
Partnumber: 84006 - FireWire 800 9P M to 4P M 6ft
Partnumber: 84010 - FireWire 800 9P M to 4P M 10ft
Partnumber: 84015 - FireWire 800 9P M to 4P M 15ft